Welcome to GIL Gemstone Identification Lab

GIL grades and identifies diamonds and gemstone with utmost accuracy using state of the art technologies. Our experienced graduate gemologist conducts the test in controlled conditions, to ascertain the given Gemstone, Rudraksh and studded jewelry whether it is natural or not.

A detailed report with photograph will be included with gemological analysis, quality assessment, color grading, identifying between natural, synthetic and stimulants.

Precious stones should always be purchased with, an authentic Laboratory Report which brings trust and confidence among the buyers, and at GIL we are committed to provide authentic report every time.

The value of a precious stone is determined by its color, clarity, weight, shape and geographical origin . Gemstones of similar appearance can have notably different values. In the modern world, with advancement of science, even experts require specialized tools to detect treatments, enhancements and synthetics.



GIL Gemstone Identification Lab (ISO Certified Lab )

GIL are identification lab (ISO Certified Lab ) is a Nonprofit Organization Dedicated To Research in the field of Gemology .

GIL Certificate clearly discloses the details of any item it accompanies , providing confidence for both buyer and seller.

GIL now is becoming Authority in Gemstone Certification is a Sevice Laboratory Which Provides Service To Public , Traders , Whole Salers , Retailers against nominal Charges authentic.

AS the Market Bloomed , many new gemstone , synthetics And Treated Product started Flooding the market and here after , advance and analytical Mathod s of gem identification started to replace traditional and stander method s. With increase in awareness for the simulants and synthetic , the traders all over the world started demanding the official authenticity certificates.

GIL are indentifies All Types Of stone , Including Coloured gemstone set in jewellery as well as rough stone. Till Date the institude has certified thousands of Gemstone at its Lab .

Today the Certification of Gemstone Become an absolute necessity in the course of day to day business because there are many synthetic and treated Gem materials emerging in the Market .

Our Vision

Established in 2020 GIL is becoming the most trusted organisation in the field of diamonds, gems & jewellery is a state-of-art organisation of learning, everything within the work culture, under one roof. IGR also recommend to learner India's most equipped and reputed Gem testing institute for Higher Courses and Valuable certification in this field and make path for it's learner to the world of Gemology.

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