About Naman Gem Testing Laboratory (ISO Certified Lab )

Naman Gem Testing Lab (ISO Certified Lab ) or NGTL is a Nonprofit Organization Dedicated To Research in the field of Gemology .

An NGTL Certificate clearly discloses the details of any item it accompanies , providing confidence for both buyer and seller.

NGTL , Jaipur now has beome Indian’s Formost Authority in Gemstone Certification NGTL is a Sevice Laboratory Which Provides Service To Public , Traders , Whole Salers , Retailers against nominal Charges .

AS the Market Bloomed , many new gemstone , synthetics And Treated Product started Flooding the market and here after , advance and analytical Mathod s of gem identification started to replace traditional and stander method s. With increase in awareness for the simulants and synthetic , the traders all over the world started demanding the official authenticity certificates.

The NGTL are indentifies All Types Of stone , Including Coloured gemstone set in jewellery Piecse as well as rough stone. Till Date the institude has certified thousands of Gemstone at its Lab .

Today the Certification of Gemstone Become an absolute necessity in the course of day to day business because there are many synthetic and treated Gem materials emerging in the Market .

Key Features of The Certification :-

  • Spcies And Varieties Of Gemstone
  • Natural And Synthetic
  • Treatment / Enhancements
  • Gemstone Packet Lot
  • Mobile Lab Service
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    About Naman Gem Testing Laboratory


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